15 October 2012

The X Factor UK 2012 - DISTRICT3

District3 is one of the boybands in this year's The X Factor UK mentored by Louis Walsh.
District3 is consists of three gorgeous and very talented lads.

They already are best of friends before they auditioned for The X Factor and were first known as GMD3. So basically, their first name for the band is composed of their first name initials (G- Greg, M-Micky, D-Dan) and the number 3 because they are three in the group. But in the competition, they were asked to change their name because it's kind of a licensed product/company name in the US (if I'm not mistaken, correct me if I got that wrong). So they asked the help of the viewers/ loads of 3eeks to give a suggestion for replacement and then boom.. it's DISTRICT3

 You can watch their performances in The X Factor here: youtube - X Factor UK 
I bet you'll also love them and prove me right that I called them " gorgeous and very talented lads".

Before they entered The X Factor, they were already one of the youtube stars for they upload and share their covers, originals and silly, funny stuff they do. So I must say, that they really are born to be STARS. If you want to see their videos before joining the competition go here.

Their fans even before they change their name to District3 is called 3EEKS. And they are already tons of 3eeks all over the world not just United Kingdom alone. And the thing that loads of 3eeks from different continents unite for their love for GMD3/ District3 is beyond awesome.

Even Filipinos adore them.
"From a dream to reality. From GMD3 to District3. 3eeks will always love you."

And tada, here's a 3EEKART made by yours truly ;)
what are you waiting for?

Follow them:  

We all wish District3 a very good luck on the competition and hopefully have a good results till the finale. You lads will always be doing a good job for us and will definitely make us forever proud. xx

Some photos are from tumblr. Credits!
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